Meet Our Achiever

“I love Step Up so much!”

It might seem like a general statement, but for grade 6 Achiever Rose, it means everything. Prior to joining the program, Rose was shy in school, often being teased for being the shortest in her class. Her lack of confidence affected her participation and her grades.That all changed after joining Step Up.

Rose’s confidence has greatly improved thanks to her engagement in Step Up’s experiential learning programs during the past year. At age 11, she now voluntarily takes on leadership roles whenever she can and socializes with her peers on a regular basis. Not only has her confidence skyrocketed, but she is also doing much better in school.

Rose loves science and has ambitions to go into the medical field as an adult. “I want to be a doctor because I want to help those who are sick.”

Rose also excitedly shares her enjoyment of Step Up’s ACCESS STEAM Camp, which is a program during school breaks designed to teach students 21st Century Skills through project- based learning educational activities. Rose is also excited by the opportunity to gain technology skills since there are no computers or tablets at her school. Learning how to type and having access to a computer is an opportunity she would not have without Step Up.

Rose recognizes that she is starting to express herself with confidence and is determined to continue developing the skills she’ll carry with her into adulthood.