Parent Support Program

The Parent Support Program (PSP) reflects Step Up’s recognition that the household is an essential partner in ensuring the healthy development of children and youth. Step Up’s PSP includes trainings, workshops and events that empower parents to support and actively inspire their Achievers beyond the Step Up center.

Core themes we work with parents on to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to support Achievers include:

  • Educational Support. Tips and strategies that encourage parents to support Achiever’s academic work at home.
  • Health and Wellness. Achiever-parent activities that encourage healthy living habits at Step Up and at home, including improved nutrition, physical exercise and personal hygiene.
  • Social Development. Trainings and discussions that help parents with effective communication strategies to discuss complex issues with their Achiever, including relationships, sex, and drivers of teenage pregnancy and HIV/AIDS.
  • Parent Club. Parent-to-Parent support groups that help parents discuss common issues and strategies to overcoming household, social and economic challenges.