Too many young people in Botswana leave school with nowhere to go, nothing to do and no one to support them.

Childhood and adolescence are critical periods in a young person’s life and their experiences during this time can impact their future development. Step Up believes learning, social and personal development shouldn’t end when the bell rings, especially for young people living in vulnerable communities.

Our programs address this striking educational opportunity gap – lack of access to out-of-school enrichment programs and experiential learning activities essential to the positive social-emotional development of young people.

But we don’t give our Achievers anything, they earn it. Step Up’s hands-on programs require active engagement from each Achiever. They succeed, fail and pick themselves up on their way to building the confidence, resilience and self-reliance that will propel them to achieve their full potential.

At our core, Step Up:

  • Provides a safe, fun and productive out-of-school space where Achievers are encouraged to learn, express themselves and learn new skills.
  • Invests in and supports young people over the long-term on their journey into early adulthood.
  • Cultivates an experiential learning environment that stimulates critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration.
  • Designs engaging experiences and activities centered on project-based learning, active participation and Achiever social-emotional needs.

Learn more about how our age-appropriate programs support the evolving needs of Achievers as they mature from childhood to adulthood:

ACCESS Education Program (10-13 years old)

Step Forward (14-18 years old)

Parent Support Program (parents of Achievers)