Pathway to Impact

Step Up emphasizes outcomes over outputs and recognizes the long-term investment in financial and program resources necessary to change the trajectory of an Achiever’s life.

By providing a pathway from childhood to adulthood, Step Up is committed to providing the robust and holistic support our young people require as their social development needs, challenges and capacities evolve. Our vision is for all young people to develop the confidence, resilience and self-reliance to direct their own journey so they can build healthy and productive households for their own families.

We’re always working to increase the depth and improve the quality of our programming, but we’ve already seen impressive results:

  • 400 percent growth in program enrolment and participation.
  • Full-letter grade improvements in academic subjects.
  • Achievers self-reporting increased confidence and optimism in their future opportunities.
  • School teachers reporting Achievers are the first to assume leadership roles in the classroom.
  • Parents reporting Achievers are more attentive, mature and supportive in the household.
  • Increase in community, public and private sector partners who want to support our work and help advance the Step Up mission.