Pathway to Impact

Step Up emphasizes outcomes over outputs and recognizes the long-term investment in financial and program resources necessary to change the trajectory of an Achiever’s life.

By providing a pathway from childhood to adulthood, Step Up is committed to providing the robust and holistic support our young people require as their social development needs, challenges and capacities evolve. Our vision is for all young people to develop the confidence, resilience and self-reliance to direct their own journey so they can build healthy and productive households for their own families.

Step Up continues to work everyday to deepen the impact of our programs on the community, children, youth and parents. In collaboration with donors, community partners and local businesses, the investment we’re making is inspiring young people to not let birthplace determine their future.

  • 500 percent growth in program enrollment and participation over the last four years.
  • 94 percent of Achievers feeling more confident in themselves after spending one year in Step Up programs.
  • 91 percent of Achievers say they have access to activities they have never experienced before.
  • Six of our Achievers received top marks in their class across core subjects during the 2018 academic year.
  • Two of our Achievers were the overall top students in their respective classes during the 2018 academic year.