Meet Our Achiever

When asked what he enjoys most at Step Up, 5th grader Pako had a lot to say. He loves playing football, reading new books, and learning how to use the computer. He’s seen older Achievers benefit from researching and doing their homework on the computers and looks forward to also building his technology skills to support his learning.

He ultimately knows that by having access to technology, he’ll be able to better study and pass his tests at school. It’s a surprising answer for an 11-year- old, especially after hearing what Pako was like before.

Before starting at Step Up, Pako’s parents described him as the center of attention, never serious and always joking around. He wouldn’t complete his schoolwork and he certainly didn’t like to read.

Once Pako learned what was expected of him at Step Up, he delivered. He now completes all of his homework on time and is grateful for the help he receives so that he passes all of his subjects in school.

He finds enjoyment in playing football with others so that he can get exercise and be physically healthy. Pako also now enjoys reading thanks to the variety of books and magazines found in Step Up’s growing library. The program provides an outlet for Pako for both work and play, building life skills he can continue to use as he matures.

Being a part of Step Up has improved Pako’s confidence, respect for others and overall behavior. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, his excitement for the program was clear: “I want to be part of Step Up!”