Meet Our Achievers

Pako, Grade 5

When asked what he enjoys most at Step Up, 5th grader Pako had a lot to say. He loves playing football, reading new books, and learning how to use the computer. He’s seen older Achievers benefit from researching and doing their homework on the computers and looks forward to also building his technology skills to support his learning.

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Pearl, Grade 5

“I feel like a changed person!”

10-year-old Pearl has only been part of Step Up for three months, but already sees improvement in herself. Prior to joining the program, Pearl found herself in trouble at school and at home for her short temper. Her relationship with her parents became strained and she often lashed out at students during school.

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Mpho, Grade 6

Just six months after joining the Step Up program, changes in Mpho’s attitude were evident. Coming from a large but low-income household of 13 people, Mpho’s family has had trouble affording food and clothes. His parents have tried to register Mpho and his siblings with local social workers so they can receive basic needs.

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Rose, Grade 6

“I love Step Up so much!”

It might seem like a general statement, but for grade 6 Achiever Rose, it means everything. Prior to joining the program, Rose was shy in school, often being teased for being the shortest in her class. Her lack of confidence affected her participation and her grades.That all changed after joining Step Up.

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Gosego, Grade 7

Like many others at Step Up, 12-year-old Gosego has changed greatly since joining the program. He wasn’t doing well in school before Step Up. Even as a 7th grader, it was nearly impossible to read his handwriting, and he was reluctant to participate in classroom discussions, afraid to say the wrong thing.

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Lorraine, Grade 7

“Step Up helps me be responsible and confident!”

Lorraine was not doing well in school two years ago, but since joining Step Up she has put in more effort in all aspects of her education.

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Amantle, Form 1

12-year-old Achiever Amantle has a lot of positive things to say about the Step Up program. She enjoys using the computers, reading, singing, dancing. The list could go on.

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Kaone, Form 1

“Step Up is a place that teaches us and helps us.

Take it from 14-year-old Kaone. For a student who always sat quietly in the back of the classroom reluctant to even speak, participating in the Step Up program has brought a world of change in Kaone.

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