Meet Our Achiever

“Step Up helps me be responsible and confident!”

Lorraine was not doing well in school two years ago, but since joining Step Up she has put in more effort in all aspects of her education.

Self-motivated at Step Up even as a 7th grader, Lorraine often chooses to read a book or do her school assignments during playtime. She enjoys the diverse books in the Step Up library that she can borrow to read at home. She’s also appreciative of the Step Up team members who have helped with her reading since she’s been there.

Lorraine says learning how to use a computer is also one of her favorite activities at Step Up because she and her Achiever friends do not have access to computers at school. She encourages her peers to take advantage of the opportunity at Step Up to gain critical technology skills.

Even during school breaks, Lorraine is eager to continue learning. By attending Step Up’s ACCESS STEAM Camp, a project-based learning program that builds 21st Century Skills during school breaks, she builds upon the academic skills she works so hard on at Step Up and in school.

Lorraine has ambitions of becoming a doctor and eventually supporting her family that is now financially insecure. She has learned that girls and women can have amazing professional careers and is motivated everyday to put in the effort to secure a better future for herself and her family.