Meet Our Achiever

“Step Up is a place that teaches us and helps us.”

Take it from 14-year-old Kaone. For a student who always sat quietly in the back of the classroom reluctant to even speak, participating in the Step Up program has brought a world of change in Kaone.

Describing himself as selfish before Step Up, Kaone says that Step Up has taught him how to respect and help others. Shortly after joining, he started participating and taking on leadership roles when he could. He has since become a trusted Achiever, with Step Up staff often giving him leadership assignments that require him to guide younger Achievers in program activities. Even his teachers at school now rely on him to take on more leadership roles in class.

As a result, Kaone has become a role model and is an active mentor for younger students as well as his peers. He says he never wants to leave Step Up because he wants to motivate younger kids to learn from him.

Being in Step Up has also helped Kaone develop the 4C’s of 21st Century Skills: communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. While Step Up staff was in a meeting, Kaone took it upon himself to lead a brainstorming session on mentoring topics with his peers.

When Kaone grows up, he knows he will take care of his family and friends thanks to what he has learned at Step Up. He is more positive than ever about his abilities and his future!