Meet Our Achiever

Like many others at Step Up, 12-year-old Gosego has changed greatly since joining the program. He wasn’t doing well in school before Step Up. Even as a 7th grader, it was nearly impossible to read his handwriting, and he was reluctant to participate in classroom discussions, afraid to say the wrong thing.

Step Up helped Gosego improve his confidence, grades, and his handwriting. He receives extra help working on his writing and reading skills and he is seeing his English, math and science grades beginning to improve. Gosego still has more work to do to show he can really thrive in school, but he knows Step Up will continue supporting him with his school work and his confidence.

One activity that has inspired Gosego to improve his focus in school is the pen pal program, where each Achiever develops a letter-writing relationship with friends in the United States. This has motivated him to improve his handwriting, English reading and writing skills. Gosego says his pen pal friend in the US is a “cool guy.”

Since joining Step Up, Gosego now enjoys expressing his own opinion. He is motivated to participate at Step Up and in school, whether or not he has the right answer. He feels his behavior has changed since joining the program and that he knows how to show respect for others.

Gosego reflects on what he thinks is driving changes in his school performance and personal development: “Step Up has very good people that help us and teach us positive behaviors.”