Meet Our Achiever

12-year-old Achiever Amantle has a lot of positive things to say about the Step Up program. She enjoys using the computers, reading, singing, dancing. The list could go on.

Step Up has helped Amantle both in school, in the community and at home. In particular, Amantle is thankful for the academic assistance she receives, especially since she remembers not doing well in school prior to Step Up. She especially struggled with poor grades in English

Thanks to Step Up, she was excited to share that she passed English this past year. “My mother was so proud of me!”

At home, there’s a lack of peace at times between family members, which used to cause mood swings in school and occasional fights with other kids. Through specific social-emotional learning activities and a curriculum about job interviewing at Step Up, she has since learned how to manage frustrations so that she can communicate better with her parents, friends and community members.

Amantle learned from the job interviewing experience that how you interact and respond to others can really impact the type of relationships you build. She knows having positive and healthy relationships with people will help her succeed as she gets older. Amantle is working to develop the characteristics and skills to get along with others and to avoid fights at home or in school.

Another part of Step Up that teaches Amantle responsibility and the importance of planning for her future is the financial literacy program, which educates Achievers about setting goals and the power of savings. By saving what little she can for her and her family, Amantle has learned with support from Step Up staff what it takes to set and achieve long-term goals. Amantle is now sharing her experience with other Achievers and educating them on the importance of working towards a goal.

With increased confidence in her abilities, Amantle now serves as a mentor at Step Up. She suggests books other Achievers may want to read and also enjoys helping them with homework assignments.

“Step Up really helps us for the future. I want to thank them!”