Primary school students in Botswana typically operate on schedules similar to trimesters, with a 3-4 week break in between each term. During these breaks, they lack opportunities to participate in stimulating activities and are instead sitting idle and exposed to potentially risky and unproductive behavior.

In the US, we know that low-income children who do not participate in enrichment activities during the summer lose reading and math skills at a faster rate than their peers, and they never catch-up.

Through a mix of center-based programming, field trips and community exploration, Step Up’s ACCESS STEAM-C Camp promotes Achievers’ critical thinking, leadership and teamwork skills through hands-on, project-based learning activities centered around:


Science: From permargardening to making lava lamps, Achievers engage in fun, stimulating activities that require thought, practice, analysis, assessment and reflection.

Technology: Exposes children to projects that require the use of digital cameras and computers, while also teaching them responsible technology use.

English: A variation on “engineering.” Most of our Achievers lack proficiency in English, the language of instruction in school and the official language of Botswana. We use this period to provide more rigorous English language support.

Arts: Encourages children to express themselves and their creativity through crafts, music, drama, dance, drawing and painting.

Math: Prepares children to excel at the start of the next term by incorporating math activities and games.

Community: During the last ACCESS Camp of the year, all Achievers organize into mixed-gender groups and develop a community project that showcases the skills, knowledge, creativity and confidence they have gained during the year.


During each school break, Achievers participate in our ACCESS STEAM-C Camps:

Hours per day: 3

Days per week: 2

Weeks per year: 7

Total hours participating in ACCESS Camps: up to about 45 hours of stimulating project-based learning activities.

Objectives for Achievers who participate in the ACCESS STEAM-C Camps:

  • Stimulate creativity and critical thinking.
  • Create passion for life-long learning and curiosity.
  • Promote hands-on, project-based learning opportunities.
  • Increase leadership and teamwork skills.
  • Improve academic achievement.