ACCESS Education Initiative

Too many children in Botswana leave school with nowhere to go, nothing to do and no one to support them.

Step Up programs address this striking educational gap – lack of access to out-of-school enrichment programs and experiential learning activities essential to the positive social-emotional development of young people. Step Up’s ACCESS Education Initiative (AEI) removes socioeconomic barriers to opportunities by providing the programs, resources and environment that put children on the pathway to excel in school and in the community. Through our ACCESS Education Initiative, Step Up is committed to:

  • Providing a safe, productive out-of-school space where Achievers are encouraged to learn, express themselves and be creative.
  • Investing in and supporting them over the long-term on their journey into early adulthood.
  • Cultivating an experiential learning environment that stimulates critical thinking and reflection.
  • Creating engaging experiences and activities centered on project-based learning, active participation and Achiever social-emotional needs.
  • Blending best practices, perspectives and programs from the US and Botswana.

Our AEI includes two core programs, the ACCESS Enrichment Program and ACCESS STEAM Camp, which inspire Achievers to lead healthy, productive lives so they can thrive from childhood to adulthood. Informed by our model that puts the child at the center of everything we do, our programs are designed to:

  • Strengthen confidence, resilience and self-reliance.
  • Improve academic performance.
  • Improve social skills.
  • Encourage caregivers to take a more active role in their child’s development.
  • Allow a kid to be a kid.

We have already seen a 400 percent increase in participation since launching our ACCESS Education Initiative in November 2016 and demand continues to grow. Learn more about our pathway to impact.